Director's Message

Starting active education in 2012 with its well-trained academic staff, IMU School of Foreign Languages has embraced an educational policy that focuses on universal knowledge, innovation, and progress. In that sense, as the School of Foreign Languages of Istanbul Medeniyet University, which is among the youngest and most esteemed state universities that has adopted the motto of “New-Generation Public University” in education, our School mainly aims to enhance the quality of foreign language education and be a pioneer for innovative developments both at our institution and our country.

Our School of Foreign Languages strives to realize its mission as well as the university’s mission by adhering to the principles of professionalism, discipline, progress, innovation, justice, and transparency. Among all these, our primary mission is to prepare our students for education in a foreign language by improving their proficiency to the highest possible levels. It is also an important part of our mission to improve the foreign language skills of our newly registered students, particularly of those who have registered in departments where medium of instruction is fully a foreign language; to help them become competent users of that foreign language both in daily life and professionally; and to instill a sense of belonging in our new students for our School and University.

The vision of Istanbul Medeniyet University School of Foreign Languages is to ensure that our students can have access to high-quality foreign language education through our competent and dynamic academic staff with a strong organizational sense of belonging who actively use innovative teaching methods; to help raise our institution to a privileged position among its counterparts; and to contribute to our University’s national and international achievements in various areas.

In the light of our mission and vision statements and our main principles, we are planning to establish and reinforce new Language Coordination Centers and also to offer various language courses to improve the proficiency levels of both our students receiving Turkish education and the public at large and to contribute to the in-service training of the University staff. Thus, we also aim to offer our services both inside and outside the organization through different “Foreign Language Courses”.

With our education staff and offices, we will continue to update regularly and modernize our curricula so that we can follow current teaching methods and approaches in accordance with students’ interests and needs. Also, educational materials are meticulously chosen to cater to the needs of our students.

Our website is regularly updated with announcements, news and guidance from the School of Foreign Languages to keep you informed about our academic and administrative staff, education policies, and the ongoing activities and educational developments in our school.

We benefit from all sorts of knowledge, skills, and experience in our School to attain our goal of ultimate success in foreign language education. As the School of Foreign Languages, I am proud to state that with our competent and dedicated instructors and offices, we work devotedly and with discipline to conduct high-quality, academic, and professional foreign language education which allows our students to improve both their foreign language and communication skills.

I wish all our students a successful academic life.

Prof. Dr. Özlem FEDAİ

School of Foreign Languages Director