Inst. Asiye Baştürk Beydilli and Inst. Tuğba İmamoğlu Attends 'Çevre College ELT Conference'


On 22nd February 2020, our instructors Asiye Baştürk Beydilli and Tuğba İmamoğlu attended the Çevre College ELT Conference, which has been annually held for 16 years. The conference, held this year under the title "to Design the Future of ELT", handled the highly discussed issues of the ELT world such as changing conditions in language learning and adapting the new inventions into our classes. This year, the conference hosted Herbert Puchta, the well-known writer and researcher on ELT from Cambridge University Press, who delivered a speech on cognitive control functions and their importance on language learning and using. The other guest of the event, Paul Seligson, the world-renowned writer of the frequently preferred English textbooks, talked about the usage of innovation in our classes to enrich pragmatic and practical training. Assembling many teacher trainers and educational consultants together, the event also gave the participants the opportunity to take part in the workshops presenting the new approaches to language acquisition on topics such as giving students a sense of identity, hands-on learning, and pros and cons of bilingualism.