1. Where are the foreign language prep classes offered at Istanbul Medeniyet University?

The prep classes are offered by the School of Foreign Languages in Orhanlı-Tuzla campus.

2. What should I do for registration?

You need to follow the latest announcements on our website ( Detailed information about registration procedures are posted on our website in every registration period.

3. Where can I buy textbooks for prep classes?

In the School of Foreign Languages building, sales tables are set up in early fall semester by certain publishers. You can buy them at those tables or from the publisher itself. Detailed information is provided in the first week of lessons by class advisors.

4. Is attendance compulsory for the Foreign Language Preparatory Program?

Yes. (For details, see Students Hand Book, page 28).

5. Can I take IYS (Proficiency Exam) or other exams if I fail due to absenteeism in Preparatory Program?

Students who exceed 20 percent of total class hours in absenteeism are considered unsuccessful, cannot attend classes and cannot take IYS and resit exams within the semester.

6. How can I keep track of my absenteeism rate?

The absenteeism lists are regularly announced by instructors. Besides, you can keep track of your absenteeism by logging into OBS (Student Information System). It is your responsibility to keep track of your absenteeism rate.

7. Am I considered as absent when I have a medical report?

Yes, you are deemed absent in that case.

8. What are the requirements for taking English Proficiency Exam (IYS)?

Please see Student handbook page 15 for relevant information about your status according to your Cumulative Grade Point Average and whether you need to take the proficiency exam or directly start education in your department.

9. How are the scores calculated?

For detailed information, please refer to Student Handbook, Assessment System, pages 23-24-25-26.

10. I had compulsory English prep class. What happens if I fail in the English Proficiency Exam (IYS)?

You may take the make-up exam to be held on the dates announced in the Academic Calendar. If you fail in that exam, you may take the proficiency exam at the beginning of the semester next year. If you fail again, you have the right to receive prep class education for extra one year. If you meet the requirements, you may take one of the Proficiency exams in January and June or make-up exams. If you prefer not to receive an extra year of prep class education and to study for the exams outside the school, you may take January and June Proficiency exams but not the make-up exam. (For detailed information please refer to Student Handbook page 27).

11. I failed in compulsory prep class program and I am a suspended student. What happens if I fail in IYS Proficiency Exam or Make-up Exam? 

For detailed information, please refer to Student Handbook page 27.

12. I had voluntary prep class education. What happens if I fail in the English Proficiency Exam (IYS)?

You may take make-up exam. You do not have to pass these exams to continue your studies in your department.

13. Will I receive a certificate for successfully completing the prep program?

Yes. You need to refer the School of Foreign Languages Secretary Office for the related document.

14. What is OBS?

Istanbul Medeniyet University Student Information System (OBS) is a web-based software system to access all educational data by the students of our university. You can log into OBS with your user info:

User Name: (Student Number)

Password: (First 5 letters of your Turkish Republic ID Number)

15. Do I have a right to object to exams?

Students may object to their exam results for material errors within five business days following the announcement of exam results. Objections are concluded by the School Board of Directors, who refer to the instructor’s opinion.

16. How can I eat in the School’s dining hall?

To use the services of the dining hall, you need to top up to your student ID card via the MKART link on our website. The dining hall is located on Floor 1 in Block B.

17. Where can I get my student certificate?

You may obtain your student certificates through the e-devlet website or from the Student Affairs Department.

18. What are the scholarship opportunities?

Every year, scholarships are provided by the General Directorate of Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution for a limited number of successful students who need scholarships. The number of scholarship students are determined by the University. Lunch Scholarships are also provided by our Health, Culture, and Sports Department every year for our students who need them. In addition, students may benefit from scholarships provided by various private institutions.

For detailed information: