Results of the English/Spanish Proficiency Exam (İYS) dated September 24 2020


Click for the results of the English/Spanish Proficiency Exam (İYS) dated September 24 2020.

  • Students are required to obtain a minimum score of 70 (including 69.5) to pass the proficiency exam; however, students of the English Language Teaching Department and the Spanish Language and Literature Department have to obtain a minimum of score of 80 (including 79.5). Students who get the required scores and pass the proficiency exam will directly start their studies in their respective departments. Students who fail to obtain the minimum scores or take the exam  will be placed in Prep Classes according to their placement test scores.
  • Students who are listed and announced to attend the optional preparatory program and the pending students (those who were registered to our University based on their 2019 OSYM results and submitted their petitions stating that they want to attend the prep program) will start the prep program.

Please check the website of the School of Foreign Languages regularly for the class lists and weekly course programs, and for all other current announcements.