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Erasmus Foreign Language (English) Exam Class Lists and Exam Rooms


CLICK for Erasmus Foreign Language (English) Exam class lists and exam rooms to be held by the School of Foreign Languages ​​on November 23, 2019 (Saturday).

Important Notices:

  1. Students are required to be present at the exam rooms on the specified date and time. As late students will not be admitted to the exam, it is important that our students show the necessary sensitivity in order to prevent possible transportation problems and delays, and be present at the school building at least half an hour before the exam time.
  2. Turkish identity cards and student identity cards will be checked before the exam. Foreign students can show their passport or a document containing their identity information instead of the Turkish ID card. Students who do not have a student ID can attend the exam with a student certificate obtained from ‘e-devlet’ or İMU student affairs.
  3. Since nothing will be provided other than the exam paper and answer sheet on the day of the exam, students are required to bring the tools (pencils, erasers, water, etc.) they will need in the exam themselves.


Exam Date: November 23, 2019 (Saturday)

Exam Start Time: 11.00

Exam Location: Göztepe-Güney Campus (Southern Campus), Block C, 2nd Floor

Contact Person Room: C205

Contact Person:        Inst. Yeliz Kızılay (

            Inst. Asiye Baştürk Beydilli (

About the Exam:

Erasmus Foreign Language (English) Exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions. The exam tests grammar, vocabulary and reading skills (including sub-skills such as finding the main idea, reading for details, making inferences, paragraph completion, finding the irrelevant sentence, conversation completion, finding the appropriate sentence for the situation, etc.). The level of the exam is defined as B2 within the framework of the Common European ​​Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Students are required to obtain a minimum score of 70 from the Erasmus Foreign Language (English) Exam in order to apply for Erasmus Study and Internship Mobility.

Please check the “Announcements” section of the School of Foreign Languages ​​web page and Erasmus Program Office website for all current announcements.